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eight seasons, including a six season stretch from 1976 81 that saw “Sweetness” rush for an average of nearly 1,500 yards per year. Not needed. Nose to nose and joke to joke, it’s the most intimate interview in pop culture. A 12 play, 53 yard drive that took up more than 5 minutes ended with.. read more →

Time for a little Home Maintenance

As the season is changing this is a good time to do a little Home maintenance – Your home owners will need this reminder! Clean debris from gutters and downspouts Cleaning debris from gutters and downspouts will go a long way to help prevent flooding and ice damning. People often think they only have to.. read more →

3 Seller Tips to Avoid Home Inspection Nightmares

Selling a home can be a stressful experience for most homeowners. It’s your job as an agent to keep sellers calm and focused on the big picture; however, when it comes to home inspections, most homeowners aren’t used to having a stranger peer into their attic, open every cupboard and closet or test every appliance… read more →

A closer look at Electrical Wiring

With the spring real estate market heating up, questions and concerns about aluminum wiring are common with those looking to buy or sell a residential property. Aluminum branch wiring was used during the 1960s and 1970s in many homes for the wiring of receptacles, switches and other devices. Aluminum does not conduct electricity as efficiently.. read more →

Water Pressure

Q. As a licensed engineer, I take exception to the findings of the home inspector who just evaluated my home. According to the inspection report, the water pressure in my plumbing system is 90 pounds per square inch (psi), supposedly 10 pounds above the legal limit. Based upon this finding, the buyer insists that I.. read more →

Water Heaters Demystified

If your water heater has a 12-year warranty and it’s been in service for 15, it might be time to get a new one. In homes with hard water, which can be tougher on water heaters, a heater may fail within the warranty period. If you haven’t replaced your water heater in a few years,.. read more →

What is an inspection

What Is An Inspection? An inspection is a visual examination of the structure and systems of a building. If you are thinking of buying a home, condominium, mobile home, or commercial building, you should have it thoroughly inspected before the final purchase by an experienced and impartial professional inspector. What Does An Inspection Include? A.. read more →

Why do I need a home inspection?

Why Do I Need An Inspection? The purchase of a home or commercial building is one of the largest single investments you will ever make. You should know exactly what to expect — both indoors and out — in terms of needed and future repairs and maintenance. A fresh coat of paint could be hiding.. read more →

Is There Anything I Can Do Better To Maintain My Home?

Is There Anything I Can Do Better To Maintain My Home? Inspection reports often identify the same neglected maintenance items. Performing some basic maintenance can help keep your home in better condition, thus reduce the chance of those conditions showing up on the inspection report. To present a better maintained home to perspective buyers follow.. read more →

Preparing Your Home For An Inspection

Preparing Your Home For An Inspection The perfect home simply doesn’t exist. Why? Well, in a brand new home, the contractor often is not aware of shortcuts taken by his subcontractors, and government building and code inspectors do not have the time or the budget to inspect everything in every home, so most government inspectors.. read more →