19 Nov 2017

Keep Your Home Secure During the Holidays

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Tips to Keep Your Home Secure During the Holidays
Christmas holiday is a season filled with fun, gift giving, shopping and parties. But it is also the period when a lot of burglaries and other vile activities take place. Whether you’re planning to be away for the evening with your loved ones or go away on long vacation, it is very important to keep your home safe and secure.
Conducting a simple home improvement project for security can go a long way toward securing your home and thwarting burglars from breaking in. To help you protect your home from possible break-ins by burglars during the holidays, here are the best tips to follow.
Install security systems strategically
The key to keeping your home safe during the holidays is to have a monitored security system in the right spot. Try to install security pads in strategic spots away from the visibility of everyone. By hiding your security systems, burglars or peepers will not be able to see when the alarm is set. You can also set up motion sensors to deter away intruders from breaking into your home.
Fix faulty alarms and conceal all the wiring. An established burglar will try to disconnect the alarm if they find the right place.
Upgrade your landscape with thorny shrubs
When sprucing up your landscape in readiness for the holiday season, don’t forget to plant thorny shrubs. Planting thorny shrubs just beneath ground floor windows not only add beauty to your garden, it acts as a barrier between your home and sneaky intruders.
Inspect bathroom windows
Burglars and peeping Toms tend to unlatch the windows so as to gain entry into your privacy. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure you double-check the locks on windows and doors. Repair broken door frames including glasses and handles. Be sure all your doors and windows have working locks and that there are no extension cords running through the windows as this can prevent the windows from closing properly.
Invest in quality locks
Choose a high-end lock that can safely protect your home during the holidays and beyond. The best quality locks have double cylinders and are effective at preventing break-ins. Look for a well-established locksmith that is bonded and insured to install the locks in your home. If you lose your keys, change the locks immediately. Also, install special door and jamb reinforcement’s plates to prevent people from breaking into your home during the holidays.
Let there be light.
Burglars and intruders love operating where there’s darkness. You can thwart their hideous plans by ensuring that every corridor in your home is well-lit. Install floodlights or motion activated lighting around the exterior of your home for extra protection. If possible put your lights on a timer so that burglars won’t sense that you’re not home.
Take proper steps to protect your home from all possible threats during the holidays. By following these tips, you can effectively minimize chances of your home being broken into this holiday

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