Home Maintenance

Did you know that deferred maintenance is one of the biggest reasons homeowners end up with big repair costs?  Right now many families have extra time at home and may be looking for something to do. If you only do 5 maintenance tasks for your home each month, here are the ones that we recommend …

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How Embarrassing – What’s Under Your Fridge?

How Embarrassing! Refrigerator/Freezer A Refrigerator/Freezer is a household appliance that uses electricity to run its components which reduce the temperature inside of the unit. A Refrigerator/Freezer has two compartments: 1) the ‘refrigerator’ compartment, where the temperature will get close to, but not below freezing; and 2) a ‘freezer’ compartment, where the temperature is cooled to …

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Garage Safety

Garage… hope yours is better than the picture! A Garage is the area of your home that is typically where a car can be parked and for some families storage. A Garage will have a large door (or doors) which can be opened and closed to allow a car (or cars) to come in and …

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