Keeping Cool When It’s Hot Out!

Central Air Conditioning is a cooling system that circulates cool air to all or most of your home through ductwork which can be inside your walls, floors or ceilings. The registers where the cool air comes out can be mounted on your walls, floors or ceilings.

Central Air Conditioning has relatively expensive components (outside condenser unit, and inside blower and motor unit) and uses a significant amount of energy to operate. Your air conditioning unit actually performs three functions: cooling, dehumidifying, and filtering out particulates from the air. Your central air conditioning ductwork may be integrated as part of your home HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) system.


Central Air Conditioning should be serviced per manufacturer’s directions annually by a licensed HVAC contractor. This yearly service is usually between $200-300. The company’s will service the AC in the early spring and the heating in the late fall.

Replace or wash air filters:
Proper maintenance will help reduce unscheduled repairs to your home air conditioning system.
There are two reasons for replacing your air filter:
As a filter gets dirty over time, it begins to clog with dust, pollen, etc. A dirty filter means the fan motor of the air conditioner has to work harder to move air through it, which means it has to consume more energy, and is therefore more expensive to operate.

The filter helps to clean the circulating air, which makes room cleaning easier and less frequent, helps improve home health air quality, and helps to provide relief to allergy sufferers.

Monthly during season: April, May, June, July, August (yearly)